Pastel Princess
Nori Beauty Portraits by Fen by felicia
Nov 2015

Nori Chan. Shes a special one, this one. Not only does she bake the best carrot cake in town, she also has an impeccable eye for style, making her one of the best stylist AXIOO has ever had.

Working with Nori has always been one of the memories I treasure most. Its always fun to have her as my sparing partner. We share the same kind of imaginations and preferences with style. Shes like the cream to my coffee. And we go together like a bunny and her best friend. I believe that one of by best works has been a result of a duet with this cute, pastel princess.

Our similarities dont stop at the workplace either. We also share the same taste in kawaii stuff. Pastels and bunnies, to name a few. And, oh, dark skinned men with thick eyebrows and beard like Tony Stark!

Im just so over the moon to know that she has found the man of her dreams. Now that shes getting married, I am just filled with so much happiness for her. Nori-chan, I pray that you will continue to be wonderful you. I pray that youll always remember that being comfortable with the one you love means that you dont have to pretend to be someone youre not. I know that marriage will require you to change and shape you into a better person, but I pray that you will let the cute, pastel, dreamy, romantic part of you stay the same. Love is a learning journey, and I hope that your faith in each other will always remain. Im so grateful for you, Nori-chan. I wish you every happiness your marriage will bring you.


Your Ex-Lady Boss

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“Making up rhymes, making fun of each others, and laughing loud with drinks in our hands.”