Gift of Greatness
XSignature Collection by Fen by felicia
Sep 2015

I am a dreamer. I made a habit out of answering the big questions, the huge why not? kinds. I expand on the magical callings that give my heart wings. I love the joy of creating. I dream, I create, I expand. Thats what I want to do. Because of that, I often find myself busy reaching out into my future, doing this and that dont really amount to anything. I get distracted and I neglect the things that I have right now; the things that are essential to fulfill my calling. In focusing on the big why not? and the grand possibilities of tomorrow, I disregard today in some way.

That is going to stop soon because I learned a grand lesson the other day, which I will share with you today.

Be excellent in what you do. You will find greatness when you maximize smallness. That statement hit me like a freight train. In thinking of tomorrow, I forget to think of today. I am tempted to discount my rehearsal time and go after something where I can directly play in front of an audience. I forget that rehearsal is the time to practice, to master my skills, so that I can play beautifully during the show. I forget that I am created for greatness by the one who created me, but that greatness is a gift that needs to be honed. The other day, I heard a voice inside me ask, Can you play without anyone clapping for you? and I knew right then that I was still in rehearsal time.

Be faithful with what you have in your hands today because that is the seed of your greatness. Greatness isnt found in tomorrow. Greatness is in the little things you maximize today. Dont be so in love with tomorrow that you neglect today. Rehearse, play, master. Our biggest calling is to bring glory to the One who created us. We have been given the gift of greatness for that purpose and that purpose only. But we mustnt forget that that greatness is achieved through excellence, and it comes when we learn to maximise the small things in our hands today.

I am often intrigued by blossoming young talents who dare to create what he or she thinks is good. One of those talents is Xiao Fen, a bold, brilliant and gorgeous designer who created all these dresses in this album that youre enjoying. I especially love how she made the pearl collection. Notice the little details she made during her rehearsal time. See the result of her sleepless nights and waking up abruptly at ungodly hours to grab her notebook and jot down the ideas that came in her dreams. Watch closely how greatness is made when no one was clapping for her. But as she reveals her collection, the spotlight will slowly move in her direction, and she will receive that standing ovation. It is an honor for me to capture her doing just that.

So, to conclude this short post, I just want to tell you that while I wont stop being a dreamer and I wont stop answering the big why not questions, I will not let the possibilities of tomorrow take the joy of today from me and I want to maximise on the present, no matter how small it is. I want to be faithful with what I have in my hands today because that is the seed of my greatness. I hope I can inspire you to do the same.



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