Bringing Happiness
Portraits of Adelia by Fen by felicia
Sep 2015

Have you ever found yourself caught in the great what ifs in life? What if I was prettier? What if I was richer? What if I was smarter? And you decide that youd only be happy if you were all of that. If I were more beautiful, maybe Id be happier.

If all the boys adored me more, maybe Id be happier.

If I can buy anything I wanted to, or if I can travel the world at any given time, maybe Id be happier.

Maybe. Maybe youd be happier. Maybe not.

I learned about happiness the hard way. It never really mattered how much I had, if I wasnt happy, I wasnt happy. It didnt matter how I looked, because if I werent happy, I wouldnt think that Im very pretty anyway.

One summer day in Croatia, I sat on a cliff, admiring the beautiful sunset. I wasnt doing anything, I was just sitting there. Next to me was a small daisy. It danced in the wind and it looked as if it were enjoying the sunset more than I was. It didnt think. It just swayed. And I remember thinking to myself, what a beautiful flower! It didnt have anything, not even a care, in the world, and yet to my naked eye, it looked so happy.

I realized at that moment that happiness had a lot to do with gratitude. It has everything to do with thank you! When you change your what ifs into thank you , you will see just how you are already living in abundance without having to do much, because God is taking care of your life. That thought alone can bring you happiness. Its simple, and almost seems to easy to be true, but it is. Give it a try.

Now, at any given time, you can find me saying thank you to my God. Thank You for my family. Thank You for my AXIOO. Thank You for my husband. Thank You for my friends. Thank You for my hair. Thank You for this life. Thank You for loving me this much. And I begin to view life as endless blessings and because of that, I enjoy it. And because of that, I am happy.

Its not about how much you have, but how much you enjoy, that brings happiness. Give thanks. Be happy.



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