Childhood Memories & Grown Up Dreams
Anno Sisterhood Portraits by Fen by felicia
Sep 2015

Sisters share childhood memories and grown-up dreams.

I had the chance to shoot for three sisters a few weeks ago. Three beautiful and amazing women. When I saw them, I thought of flowers. Different kind of flowers that bloomed in the same garden. They shared one childhood memories, yet as grown-ups, they pursued different passions in life. They were each beautiful in their own ways. They were born and raised under one roof, by the same set of parents, and still they turned out differently from one another. They shared the same stories as children, and as grown-ups, they lived out different dreams.

I look at them and I think what a creative God we have. He created us all in His image – were different and yet were the same. We look differently, do different things, pursue different passions and yet, were all beautiful just the same. We can have the same start to the race and finish differently and yet His plans are still perfect in our lives. His creativity knows no bounds. And we dont even have to strive to comprehend it. We just need to enjoy it. Isnt that just the most beautiful gift?

Just like sisters. They are lifes beautiful gifts too Its like Gods promise that well always have someone to celebrate every season of our lives.

One of these sisters are embarking on a grand journey towards happily ever after with the man of her choice. And the others are celebrating with her. To me, that is the whole point of this session to capture the gift of childhood memories and grown-up dreams.



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