Photography : Family
Rock ‘n’ Roll Love
Delon & Sharena Family Portraits by Ave by Baby Axioo
Aug 2015

Everyone has their own versions of happiness. This is ours.

– Ryan Delon

I fell in love with this family right off the bat. Even before I had met them and I was just watching them on my Instagram feed (no stalker alert necessary!), I was already drawn to them. Theres something in the way Delon and Sharen look and talk to each other, something in their stories, some kind of unmistakable humbleness and undeniable chemistry, that just makes me feel all warm inside. And when their son, Ry, came into the picture, everything became even more perfect.

Ry is the kind of boy who melts everyones hearts. I think hes got the quality of the future soul-shaker. Hes got big eyes, a cool hairstyle and a cheeky smile, but thats not whats going to get the girls to line up nuh-uh. Thats gotta be the sweet way he moves to his dads beats. That boy sure can dance!

Taking some inspiration from how he moves and grooves to the beat of the drum, I threw the idea of a rock n roll theme for their family portrait session. Sharen loved it straight away. She told me that she was just about to dye her hair purple and that shes planning Rys first birthday party at Hard Rock Cafe with the exact same theme and that it just feels like the universe lined everything up and that it was perfect! Now thats exciting, wouldnt you say?

This rock n rolling family brought such a positive energy into our place. Rock n Roll suited them to a tee! They chose the perfect outfit and they had the perfect style I dont know a lot of people who can pull off the rock and roll get up, but this family it was like their every day!

It was truly a pleasure for me to have had the chance to spend some time with this family and to capture their moments. I think I enjoyed the day much more than they did. It really didnt feel like work to me. In fact, it kind of felt like a real life lesson in parenting, because after getting to know them, I know exactly what I want my future family to be like.

Thanks for spending the day with me. Rock on!



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