A Collection designed by Melta Tan | Photographed by Fen by felicia
Aug 2015

Once upon a time, in a land when every day is a special occasion and where dresses are worn as the strongest suit; wishes of every maiden were heard from every house, every road and every alley. Gowns were made to please everyone, but only the finest and consoling gowns could impress the Kings and Queens. And so the story continues through time.

Started from a dream and then became an inspiration and realized, Provocate is revealed to bring the fascinating world of fairytales into reality and devoted to provide enchanting dresses for every woman.

Ive always been drawn to Meltas work of art. Her passion for passion and dreamy concept is one that I share, and I have always found her collections appealing. I saw her work for the very first time when one of my clients wore one of her masterpiece to a pre-wedding photo shoot. It was so beautiful that I was immediately inspired to do a beauty portrait for her. You can say that every beauty portrait session that followed was a result to my falling in love with Meltas work, and I have Melta to thank for that. It was an honor to shoot for this beautiful collection.



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