Childhood Dreams
Cindy Beauty Portraits by Fen by felicia
Aug 2015

Treasure your childhood dreams. I believe in that. I believe that we all should. Do you know why? When we were little, it was as if we had everything all figured out. If you look back, youll see that you knew exactly what you wanted to be, what profession in life youll lead, what you wanted to do In fact, in our childhood, we tend to be more idealistic and we seemed more ready to take on anything that comes our way. Do you know why? Because children are fearless. They arent hindered by experiences or knowledge. They have courage and imagination and they think that theyve got all they need.

So, with this, I would just like to encourage you to wake the child inside of you and allow her to dream for you again and to convince you that you are capable of doing anything again. Dream without fear. Dream with faith. And believe in it. If you believe in your future, your future will believe in you.



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