Photography : Tying The Knot
Sunny & Stephanie
Wedding Trailer by Robb by Robb
Jul 2015

I think that almost all the photographers and video directors who have blogged on this space have said, at least once, that they appreciate clients who let the do their thing. As someone new to this team, I felt a slight relief to know that they share my exact sentiment on the subject. I love it when I get clients who allow me the freedom to do my job the way I see fit, because to me, there is nothing more valuable than my clients full trust in the quality of my work. I appreciate clients who tell me what they want to see in a wedding movie and paint me a brief picture on the elements that make it beautiful. I appreciate those who, after telling me about what they want, leave me to deliver good work for them. I appreciate those who dont drive me from the backseat. Although, it doesnt mean that I dont appreciate clients who take the time out of their busy day to see if everything is in order and to correct me when things dont look like its going to turn out the way they want them to, because clearly, I appreciate those clients too, because I understand that in order to meet their expectations, I have to listen carefully to what they expect. However, trust in this case is given, and that kind of trust is what I appreciate the most.

I dont know if its because of some creative-industry-worker-bond or something, but Sunny and Stephanie let go of the reins completely and allowed me absolute freedom to do my thing. I thought that maybe because Sunny, a professional illustrator, knows what it means to give creative minds some space so that they can come up with more creative ideas, that they trusted me fully to do their wedding video. They told me what they wanted, what songs they preferred, what events to really focus on, etc and then they left it all up to me. And I just appreciate that so much, that I feel like I even thrived as I pushed myself to deliver my absolute best work for them.

Thank you, Sunny and Stephanie, for your trust in me and my team. We had an awesome time capturing your wedding. We hope that you enjoy watching the video, just as much as we had making it. Maybe even more.



PS: Be sure to keep your eyes out for the woodlands rustic feel in the woods. Thats a personal favorite! 

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