Photography : Tying The Knot
Ben & Courtney
The Wedding by Aha by Aha
Jul 2015

I think all of us have said, at least once, hey, I was on a date and wow, did we have incredible chemistry! I think all of us pretty much know what that means, that you feel a deep attraction for someone and that feeling was mutual. To realize that feeling and to savor it will lead us to a relationship; past all the first, second, third dates and into something steady and real. But after a while, you dont notice the chemistry you felt in the beginning parts of the relationship anymore. The butterflies stop fluttering and the tickling feeling deep in your diaphragm begins to fade away, and you either work hard to keep the sparks alive or you let it die down. 

Chemistry is a natural connection between two people. It can start a relationship, but in order to keep it, you need to work hard on it. And when two people share a deep chemistry, way past the naturally easy part and more into the chemistry that they worked hard to maintain, it shows on their faces.

When a couple shares some deep chemistry, it will be so apparent you cant miss it. And the thing about chemistry is that you cant make it up. If its there, its there. If its not, its not. So, when youre watching people and they look like they have a lot of chemistry, that would be the honest to goodness truth, because they wouldnt be able to make that up. 

Ben and Courtney have that. And it is apparent in the way they look at each other. Even after years, they still got it. I dont even know if they had to work hard to keep it, but from they way I look at them, I say they have it naturally and easily. Wouldnt you agree with me?



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