Teddy & Paula by Aha by Aha
Jul 2015

As you might have already known, I was stationed in Paris for an assignment earlier this year. Dream job, huh? I know! But would you believe me if I told you that even the capital city of romance can get a bit boring after a while? Especially when youre alone. So, imagine how excited I was when this adorable couple came up on my schedule. I think I literally shouted for joy. Not only were they good friends of mine from back home, they are also one of the most creative couples Ive ever met. And they didnt book a session with me for an engagement or a wedding; it is more like a holiday photo session, so there were no big ball gowns or fancy dresses, no strict schedule, no compulsory backdrops it was about exploring a city and taking great pictures. Now thats the dream job!

Teddy and Pupu have inspired me so much during the time they spent with me. They opened my eyes even wider to the many beauty lurking around in the city, waiting to be discovered and captured. Paris is a city of love, and it will always be full of love. But if you look deep down into the city, you will find a deep appreciation for art. As soon as the sunlight hits the city, the buildings reveal its artistic beauty and everything on the streets become inspiring. I love that I got to borrow Teddys and Pupus eyes for a while to see just how gorgeous Paris really is. I remember how every time the sunlight hits a certain angle, Teddy would be nowhere in frame, because hed be busy capturing the moment on his own.

Paris is truly beautiful. I think a little part of me was left there accidentally on purpose and a big part still yearns for the city. Ive learned that its not just a city full of love, its also filled with details and perfection, and I am just so grateful for the chance to explore it. Well, moving on, I am planning to explore Japan next year. I hope that I may be so lucky as to get another creative couple come visit me there too.



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