Photography : Tying The Knot
Yosep & Desy
The Wedding by Aha by Aha
Jun 2015

Whats a gentle giant and a sweet lady put together? A beautiful love story! Thats what I see when I see Yosep and Desy together. And what kind of photographer takes pictures of his friends wedding? A really, really grateful one. And thats me, at Yosep and Desys wedding. 

Ive known Yosep long before we were both a part of the AXIOO Bali team. To be able to watch him get better and better in video directing makes a very proud friend. But to be able to watch him tie the knot to the love of his life that day, made me, again, a very grateful friend. 

Their wedding day was filled with many meaningful moments. It began with a gift from Desy that was delivered to Yoseps hotel room that morning. It was two figurines wearing Liverpool jerseys that was the splitting image of them, accompanied by a little note. Yosep was caught by surprise and as he read the note, happy tears rolled down his cheeks. Hes been waiting for this day his whole life – I know this for a fact – and hes planned every single detail to make this the happiest day of Desys life. However he didnt plan on this gift, and I think that it touched him right to his very core. The moment when Yosep first met Desy on their wedding day is one I will remember for a long time. They met at the back of the room. He looked at her. She turned to look at him. And their eyes met each others. At that moment, I remember taking a deep breath and stopped shootings. I took that moment to take in the beauty of their love. 

I really enjoyed the wedding of Yosep and Desy. Everything was perfect. The emotion, the ambiance, the intimacy and to top all that, it was filled with familiar people. I especially loved that this wasnt a ceremonious event with a formal itinerary. The happy couple were free to mingle and basically enjoy their day in their own way. It was truly a celebration of love and happiness, and it was beautiful. I personally had a fantastic time at this wedding. Together with my friend and mentor, Ivan Mario, we would like to say once again how honored we are to be chosen to capture these moment for Yosep and Desy. 

We love you guys!

Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be.



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