From Time to Time
Faustine Portraits by Fen by felicia
Jun 2015

When I was first asked to write on this blog, I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I sat in front of my laptop for days, and yet I hadnt found anything interesting enough to talk about. However, I also didnt want to disappoint Fen who kept on cheering me on. So I put a lot of thought into this, even in my sleep. Finally, I decided that Im going to share a little something on love and being single.

Most of us girls grew up dreaming and fantasizing about our weddings; about how beautiful and glamorous the dress will be, the extravagant decoration, ..

And of course, the prince charming.

Yes, we put in a lot of thought about our once in a lifetime event, even to the tiny little details. Most of us couldnt wait for the moment when HE would watch us as we walk down the aisle, clinging onto our beloved daddys arm.

We are so deeply embedded in presuppositions that finding that the one is the main purpose of our life. However, I want to make clear that we should focus on being the right person for the right one first. In my many years of searching and waiting, I have, undeniably, been through Disneyland and downhill. I even wondered if there was anyone out there for me.

Every night I prayed prayer after prayer. I made a looooong list of criteria of what I thought the right guy should have. Little did I know that just when I let God take control, He arranged a full-blown surprise for me. Magical was not even enough to describe how marvelous and wonderful my days were after meeting him. It was a 14 months of joyful ride before we said I do .

Girls, I know that we really cannot wait for the most eventful day of our lives, but hey, whats the rush? Trust me, wait for a little longer and pray a bit harder, you will feel what Ive been trying to describe. The feeling is impossible to be defined, and let me tell you, it really is worth the wait 😉

For now, please enjoy the series of Brides from different eras. I simply couldnt wait for the shoot when Fen proposed the idea. I believe that every bride-to-be is beautiful and dazzling from time to time. Its timeless and infinite.


Mrs Jason Liando

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