Michelle Pre-Sweet Portraits by Fen by felicia
Mar 2015

Ive always been fascinated by magic. Magic tricks at carnivals. Magic at theatricals. Magic never fails to amuse me. While I do believe that the beauty of magic lies in the not knowing or in accepting the illusion that is being presented to you, or even in the joy of being fooled, I cant help but wonder how those tricks came to be.

I am not a magician. I really dont know how to perform tricks. Besides, dont magicians take some kind of solemn oaths to never reveal their secrets with the rest of the world? Theres no way of knowing how they can predict your future or even how they can saw another person in half and put them back together again. But as an admirer of their craftsmanship, Id have to guess that the success of their performance is based on three things: the right timing, the right placement, and a whole lot of practice. Thats when magic happens.

As a teenager, all I wanted was for things to magically appear. I want this and I want it now. Now that I think about it, that wasnt magic. I also wanted a love story, a magical kind. I went on series of dates and nada! No magic. But Awie, he showed up at the right time and at the right place and thats when magic happened for me. As for the practice, well, that was about me living my life the best way I knew how – growing myself, loving myself, appreciating myself for who I was – so when that special guy finally came along, I was ready for the magic to happen.

Dear Michelle, seventeen years is a turning point. Live your life the best way you know how. Be helpful and kind. Be courageous. Be smart. Be everything youve always wanted to be and more. So when that one special person finally comes along, at the right time and at the right place, MAGIC!

All my love,


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