Photography : She Said Yes
A Short Stop in Melbourne
William & Audi by Aha by Aha
Feb 2015

Ah, Melbourne. The city for coffee addicts. Almost every place I stopped for a cup of Joe, it would be great. And not only that, the places are really great too. The cafe scene was pretty overwhelming for an island boy such as myself, but Im glad I got the chance to take it all in.

I went to Melbourne for the prewedding session of William and Audi. I think that they were the real reason I am loving this city so much. They sure made my visit there an extremely memorable one. They both have lived in Melbourne for a while now and named the city as the one that captured both their hearts. They knew the right places to hang out at, the best food to eat, basically, they got me to explore the city not as a tourist, but as a local. And isnt that every travellers dream? The best part is that they didnt want to use the mainstream side of Melbourne that have served as a backdrop to countless prewedding photographs. They wanted the more natural side of it. And I bet I can tell you something you didnt know about Melbourne! Theyve got a freaky squeaky beach! At Wilsons Proms! This beach is quite weird, because when you step on it, it makes a squeaking sound. Hows that for less mainstream?

I think shooting for William and Audi was such a breeze. Theyve been with each other for the longest time and theres definitely no denying the chemistry between them. But you know whats more than that? The look on his face every time he looks at her. Like hes seeing her for the first time. I love that! (Yes, Im sure you know about my thing with looks now!)

William and Audi, its been a pleasure. I wish you all the best in your journey ahead. And Melbourne, I guess its safe to say that I left my heart where you are. Thank you for the warm welcome, the hospitality, your creative people, the inspiring cafes and the great coffee. You know that I cant wait to see you again!



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