Photography : Tying The Knot
Vendia & Eve
The Wedding by Aha by Aha
Feb 2015

Being in this job and doing what I do, day in and day out, meeting couples in love who are about to embark on the single most important journey in their lives thus far, have made me realized and feel so privileged to learn a lot from them about love. Vendi and Eve taught me a little about suppressing ego in a relationship and I thought that Id share that with you today.

Vendi is a humble man, who actually comes from a long line of notable government officials. He doesnt pull ranks like others Ive met before him. He is so down-to-earth that he kind of strengthen my belief in never stereotyping. His wife, Eve, is Thai who moved out of her home country to build a life with him in Jakarta. This woman rocks. Shes the definition of a modern woman – strong, independent and is not afraid to make decisions for her life. One of the biggest decision she made to be with Vendi, aside from relocating, is to change her belief. She took on her husbands belief so that they may marry.

This is what I learned from them, that this is what love truly is. Love isnt afraid to change lives, to release selfishness to respect and complement each other. Love isnt afraid to say what you want and to fight for what you want. Love is simple and love means knowing what you need to build a life together.

Vendi and Eve tied the knot in a humble and intimate celebration. It was an eminent traditional ceremony where all the essentials of marriage were boldly highlighted. It was a day filled with smiles and laughter, and love, love, love in the air.


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