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I love you every step of the way
Calvin & Chintia by Aha by Aha
Jan 2015

Hello everyone! This is my first slot to post an album here, and for that I have chosen the prewedding album of Calvin and Chintia that was shot in Paris.

Calvin and Chintia are both doctors who have been together for the longest time. So, when they talk about chemistry, they really know what theyre talking about (in every sense of the word). I love when I watch them together, even when they are wrapped in glamorous attire, there is still a hint a simplicity in them. Because, that they are. I love how they make everything simpler when theyre together. Theres no drama, they wont have it. When they face challenges, theyd put their heads together and find a way out of it. Usually, the solution is always right under their noses. I love that theyre always relaxed around each other, that theyre always cool when it comes to decisions on their relationship.

I know you must be thinking about how or why Ive absorbed relationship lessons from this couple they way I did. Well, for starters, these two are incredibly inspiring. Second of all, the day I met them, I had just started being in a relationship with the girl of my dreams. Naturally, I would be taking cues from those who can teach me how to keep her. Calvin and Chintia taught me that in love, age doesnt matter, attitude does. And that if you love someone in all honesty, love will grow the way it should.

We shot their prewedding portraits in Paris in the fall. We had an amazing two days and we were blessed with a beautiful weather throughout the entire session. As if that wasnt enough, at one point, the sun just seemed like he wanted to show off and gave such a warm light to us during our session at Eiffel.

If you have a plan to go to Paris this year, please.. come one, come all. I will be there from March until mid of May. Let Paris show off its beautiful Spring colors and let me capture your moments. See you there!



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