Photography : Tying The Knot
Stefen & Vina
Wedding Trailer by Yosep Sugiarto by Yosep
Dec 2014

Deciding to marry someone and to spend the rest of your life with that one person is not to be taken lightly. Stefen and Vina understands the weight there is about getting married, that marriage is more than the pretty details on their wedding day. They understand that the wedding is merely an event that marks the beginning of their journey to eternity.

They believe in commitment, in sticking through the thick and the thin, to strengthen each other through losses and dance with each other in victory. They believe in one God that is the source of their strength for a new life filled with uncertainty, to venture into loving another person with depth deeper than the sea and to build a family so strong it can move mountains.

I admire them. I admire that their promise to uphold their commitment always outweighs any downside they may find. Every imperfect becomes perfect to them. They marry despite their understanding that marriage life will not be easy, but they marry because they believe the process will make them stronger as a couple.

The day Stefen and Vina got married, it was amazing. It was sunny and bright as it defied the rainy season. It didnt rain until the end of the party and it was a blessed day indeed. They promised in front of their God, family and friends that they will bring up their family to the best of their abilities. They promised to support each other no matter what and until death do they part. He told her that she is his world and she told him that he is the one.

It was a beautiful promise on such a beautiful day and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Congratulations again, Stefen and Vina!



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