Baby AXIOO exhibition in Surabaya
by David
Dec 2014

Baby AXIOO has just wrapped up their very first exhibition in Surabaya. It was special, not only because it was the first time we every hosted exhibitions out of Jakarta, but because we received such an overwhelmingly warm welcome from the little babies and their beautiful parents!

During the event, we also hosted a talk show, with our very own professional baby photographer, Ms. Aveline Gunawan, who did a fantastic job sharing about her passion in children photography, about the importance of making baby portraits for the family, along with a few tips and tricks to make a successful baby portrait session. We met many parents who were inspired and ready to sign their baby for a session with Baby AXIOO!

Wed like to take this opportunity to thank our friends – the vendors who helped us and the ones who hosted the exhibition with us – for their endless support and for making our first trip out a very smooth one. And, especially, wed like to thank Jayanata for inviting us along for the ride to Surabaya. It was blast, and we hope well get to do it again together, soon!



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