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Andrew & Amanda
The Wedding by Aha by Aha
Nov 2014

Simple, relaxed, intimate and warm. That is how a wedding in Bali will feel like. Simple ceremonies in the company of closest friends and family and a day that is so relaxed it almost feels like a vacation. No packed agendas, lots of focus on the importance and filling the rest with downtime. Thats what I love about weddings in Bali.

The wedding of Andrew and Amanda was exactly like that. It felt familiar and warm. And this couple, oh man, they are really like no other! I have never seen any two people more in love than they. On the morning of their wedding, Amanda greeted me with a smile. And as she was getting ready for what would be the biggest day of her life, she couldnt keep her mind off of Andrew. She asked, how is he doing? What will he say? Will everything go as planned? Although the bridesmaids did a great job at relaxing her, I caught a hint of nervousness in her eyes.

But all that faded the moment she first laid eyes on Andrew. The gave each other a look I will remember for a really long time. That was the look of love. Just like that. They faces broke into a smile so radiant it looked like it came straight from their hearts. Anyone who seems them will know just how perfect and how right they are for each other.

If theres one thing Ive learned, its that happiness cannot be achieved on your own. That look of pure love is the perfect description of happiness, all on its own. Happiness comes from love and the effort to constantly care for each other. Happiness is two happy people, joining together as one, to make for one happy relationship.

We wrote our story. Take a look inside, our heart is an open book. Timeless, endless, and perfect.

Much love,


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