Colorful animals of AXIOO
portraits by Fen by felicia
Nov 2014

Have you ever wondered about the heroes behind the scenes of AXIOO? Well, todays your lucky day!

Theres a phrase people say in offices to welcome you on the first day of work. After the orientation, theyd say welcome to the jungle , because thats what work is, basically. Its a jungle out there. Our work is more or less the same, but the difference is that ours is filled with cute, colourful, fuzzy, and harmless animals. Yes, thats our kind of jungle!

To introduce you to some of AXIOOs unsung heroes, we set up a photo session with them and the animals that most reflect their personalities. They are each unique individuals who adds their own colour to our office making it one of the most creative melting pots we have come to love. The great part about this project was that it has no particular objective. We just love to create and to have lots of fun while were at it.

So, heres how it went. We got our marketing manager, our project manager, our production supervisor, editors, designers, etc to choose an animal that best describe their personalities. Can you guess how our unsung heroes are in real life? If you personally know the ones featured in here, tag them on the comments below and tell them if they match their chosen animals!



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