Little Ballerinas
Cheryl Kids Fashion by Fen by felicia
Nov 2014

If youve been following our posts, you must have gotten the idea of our infatuation with cute things. And youre right. We just cant seem get enough of cute little bunnies, tutu skirts, flourishing flowers in pastels, fairy lights and magical beings. Naturally, when Cheryl came to us for a session for her Kids Couture fashion line, we were beyond thrilled, because there is simply no beings more magical to us than little ballerinas. 

We were honored to have had the chance to shoot for Cheryl. Even more so, because we got to personally meet her and be inspired by the person that she is. We invited her to share with her a little bit about dreams and and making it all come true.

Thank you, Cheryl, for inspiring us with your personality and talent. Were so glad we met you! 

From Cheryl Chandra – owner and principal designer of Cheryl Kids Fashion:

To me everything was always started with a dream. A perfect line from Aerosmith “Dream on, dream on till your dreams come true,” could very well describe how your dream could make such a big impact towards your life and without you realized it, your dream could lead you, push you to the limit and suddenly it turns from just a dream into passions where you would pursue it at any cost. 

My dream was always to become well known kid couture designer. Back then I wouldn’t dare to think that I will live my dream one day. But looking where I am right now, I am actually living it already and i am already on the right path to reach my dream where nothing could ever stop me to reach it. 

I would like to express a very special thanks to Fen Soong, the woman behind these beatiful photographs. To Ruth Irma as the fashion stylist who did us a big favor by making everyone look good on camera. To Aveline, as the videographer who makes such amazing videos. Also to Jesslyn and Agustine, who became our liaison during this photo shoot. Last but not least, of course, to all the models that worked so professional and always stay adorable all the time. Thank you Luna, Senna, EJ, Isaura, and Isabella.

Sincerely Yours,

Cheryl Chandra – Cheryl Kids Fashion

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