Photography : Tying The Knot
Hemant & Divya
Wedding Trailer by Yosep Sugiarto by Yosep
Nov 2014

What I love about Indian weddings, more than the vibrant multitudes of colors thats always present, is the traditional ceremonies. An Indian wedding usually last for three days, with a full-packed agenda, and traditional ceremonies at the center of it all. I particular love how obvious it is in those ceremonies that family comes first. The couple would pay their respect to the elders in almost every occasion, and include the family in every part, even for entertainment. And the family, never take their tasks for granted. Like during the Sangeet, they would pour their hearts into creating creative dances. I mean, you can totally see just how serious they are about dancing to their hearts content. After that, theyd pour their hearts out into partying and they party hard. All night long, with happiness radiating on their faces. Now, thats a real party!

Im telling you, if youve never been to an Indian wedding, youre missing out! They really give meaning to this quote by William Purkey, Youve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.  

I cant find a better description for Hemant and Divya other than they are two very sweet people who were made for each other. They really are. He is so lucky to have someone as sweet and loving and beautiful as she, and she is so lucky to have someone as humble and hardworking as he. They are perfect for each other.

Congratulations again, Hemant and Divya. I wish you nothing but the best and may you grow into one happy family. 



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