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Dora Portraits by William by Will
Oct 2014

Anyone here doing a long-distance relationship? High five up top!

Ive been doing the long distance thing for a while now. On some days, the distance becomes insignificant and I forget about it completely. But on other days, its just so hard. How many here know what Im talking about?

Dora, this exquisite beauty that I got to photograph sometime ago, just finally got out of her long distance relationship when she married her boyfriend of 5 years. There will be no more distance between them from that day forward. As another person in a long-distance relationship, I found her wedding day joyous, as if it were a victory for everyone of us running the LDR race.

I feel like I got to share with you three important things from a guys perspective to make long-distance relationship work:

First of all, communications is important. Try talking at least once a day. Or more, its better. Share your schedules for the day and set a time to connect – and if you cant on that particular day, send an email with a description of you day. This is not so you can verify the whereabouts of each other, but so that you can get to know more of each other with each passing day.

Secondly, face-to-face meetings are important. No, I dont mean Face Time. But real, physical face-to-face meetings. Visit or go back to see her as often as you can. (Oh, and bring her flowers or a nice gift when you do!)

Last but definitely not the least, trust is important. Girls have a tendency for over-active imaginations (no offence, but you really do) and usually assume the worst. Guys know this but sometimes our energies are too drained to do anything about it, so we just let it be. That doesnt really solve anything because it will actually create even wilder stories in her mind. Learning to trust each other is important – and that really comes from getting to know each other a little better everyday.

To all of you running the LDR race – hang in there! What we’re doing is worth it and we will soon overcome this distance. We got this! And to Dora – thanks for the boost of confidence!



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