Dear Single Ladies
Christina Beauty Portraits by William | Written by Christina by Will
Oct 2014

I just realized that Im not the most graceful bride-to-be. Okay, let me say that again. Bride-to-be. Yes, yes, I will be getting married by the end of this year. Im going to be a bride (finally!!) and oh how glad my parents are *LOL! They thought I would never settle down. It’s true – I did not want to marry and did not believe that marriage can work or bring you happiness like all the elders always tell me. In every family gathering that woman must settle down and marry, they say. But I didn’t buy that.

I have seen many brides these past few years. I have witnessed my best friends tie the knot to the men of their dreams. I have watched them prepare their wedding to all the little meticulous details. I have been their loyal sidekicks in dieting (which worked for them, but not necessarily for me). I must say that I am not the most graceful bride, because for one, I don’t enjoy all the preparation that all other ladies seem to enjoy doing.

Maybe because Ive been single for too long (around 11 years single^^) that I have an answer ready for every time I go to a wedding and Aunties ask me when my turn will come. Ive had my share of wondering if Ill ever get married. Ive blamed myself, doubted myself, I’ve fallen in love and failed many times but throughout the process Ive also come to accept and love myself.

I am actually your average romantic girly girl who dream of being swept off my feet and be carried off to happy ever after. But I’m not the usual princess in story books. I am a dominant go getter, I like sharp studs and gold skulls accessories. Nothing like the stereotype long hair princess.

I do not want to be with anyone who doesn’t love dogs. My heart has been captured by my two adorable Siberian Huskies long before any man ever would.

Im not picky. I just know what I want. And thats okay. I dont want to have to take off my golden skull shoes for a guy who prefers girls in pastel dresses and flowers in her hair. I might come off bossy and scary and weird and a tad bit unreachable, and I want someone who would love me for me and wouldnt settle for just anyone.

Until this guy came along. He wears t-shirt, cargo pants and claim that baggy is straight cut! He may not be stylish or handsome but he has a kind heart and this is hard to find. Hes got a sense of humour not everybody gets (including myself) but he LOVES my dogs. In fact he loves everything that I love, just because he cares for me. So I choose to spend the rest of my life with him (and my dogs :D). He let me wear all the skulls and studs I want and would even buy me skull accessories.

So, dear single ladies, do not let yourself be worried if you havent met The One. Do not change who you are to fit the typical princess. Be your own kind of princess. Do not let yourself be bothered by people who ask you when or if youll ever get married. There is no expiry date on singlehood. It is truly the time you get to explore yourself and learn to be the best version of who you are. God made you perfect as you are. Love yourself and someone will love you.

Much love,
Tink – 33 and single (but not for long)

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