Photography : Tying The Knot
Ernesth & Pepita
The Wedding by Aha by Aha
Sep 2014

Amazing journey what comes to mind when you read these words? Well for me, journey in essence is traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time. For this couple I had the honor of documenting their special day, it is indeed a progress from the days they met to how they dated and to that day they finally said “I do” under the Bali Simpson clouds. Ernesth and Pepitas wedding was set on the Southern cliff top of Bali with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean; the refreshing sea breezes, the blazing sun and the panoramic view, added magical touch to their already perfect day. I was excited for this day to come as I was told that Ernesth and Pepita specifically had me in mind way before their wedding day that they kept asking if I was available to shoot for them. Trust me, theres nothing that can boost my confidence more than these kinds of clients.

Ernesth and Pepita is such a loving and unique couple. I sincerely think they complement each other really well. Ernesth is a simple family guy who always puts a smile of his face regardless of the circumstances while Pepita is chatty, organized and inspirational. Get to know her and youll be motivated to dream big!

I always adore couples who planned their wedding themselves. From the decorations to the details and the flow of events, adding their personal touch to every detail. Ernesth and Pepitas wedding was full of surprises.  Ernesth had always been a fan of Vespa and unbeknownst to him, Pepita especially hired one for their wedding day. How sweet. She then gifted Ernesth with a Carl Fredricksen boutonnire from the movie Up. When I asked her about the reason behind it, she replied, “I want to spend the rest of my life with Ernesth even after death parts us.” Her answer made me ponder about everlasting love when you truly meet the one, youll do everything in your power to make him/her happy.

The wedding was memorable for me personally as its the first time I witnessed the first duet instead of the first dance and guess what? They were the MC for the night. I just know thats just Ernersth and Pepita being themselves, the kind hearted couple who wants to serve the guests in any way they can.

Thanks for your friendship, guys. I truly treasure those chats and advices you gave me and I hope our friendship will be like Carl and Russell. I wish you nothing but the best this life has to offer, keep exploring, keep dreaming and keep sailing away on great adventures together and I hope those AHA moments will be etched in your memory bank forever.

Cheers and love,


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