Photography : Tying The Knot
Jasper & Michelle
The Wedding by Aha by Aha
Sep 2014

Im familiar with disappointment, unfortunately. I know of its pain, of the long sigh it brings with it, and of the ugly bruise in leaves my heart. Especially when things dont turn out the way they were planned. I know. So, I can understand what Michelle was feeling when on the day of her outdoor wedding in Bali, it was overcast and the sky was filled with thick, dark clouds. Her pretty face looked more than a little worried, although she tried hard to conceal it with her enchanting smile. It worked for everyone. Everyone, except Jasper. But Jasper took care of things first. He, who was a photographer himself, asked if everything would turn out poorly if things were moved indoors. I told him that it would be better than to stand under the pouring rain. So thats what they did. The one thing that they hoped wouldnt happen, happened. 

Disappointment came knocking at their door. I am familiar with that feeling. It didn’t feel good. But what came next was new to me. The moment they decided to go against all they have planned, Jasper asked for some time alone, to be with his bride. Just the two of them, in private. Her smile didn’t fool him. He knew what was going on, and he knew just what she needed. 

I dont know what happened in there, but Michelle came out, still with a hint of sadness in her eyes, but also radiant look of relief. Her smile is unforgettable to me, even until today. I can only guess what happened in there. He must have consoled her, provided her with what she needed, told her the words she needed to hear. That was the lesson I brought home that day: when disappointment hits you, comfort from a loved one can wash it all away. 

In the end, the show went on. The planning prevailed. Jasper and Michelle had THE moment during their first dance as they gazed into each others eyes adoringly. That moment is impossible to forget. In the end, all is well. But of course, this is not the end. Its only the beginning. The beginning of forever for Jasper and Michelle. 

I look back on the pictures of this beautiful couple with fondness in my heart. This is probably the most emotion-filled wedding I have ever been a part of. And it has taught me a lot, not only about dancing in the rain, but about offering comfort when it happens. 

Thank you, Jasper and Michelle, from the bottom of my heart. 


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