Hello! Hello Pupu!
Paula Beauty Portraits by Fen by felicia
Jun 2014

I am so honored to shoot a beauty portrait session of fashion designer, style inspiration and dear friend, Paula. Pupu has been inspired many of us with her unique daily style. While I had her talking, I thought that Id get this woman of few words to share with you a little, so you might get inspired too! 

How would you define your style?

Classic, vintage, timeless. I am mostly inspired by the 50s era. 

How did you fall in love with the vintage look? 

I have always loved the classic, old Hollywood movies. I love everything about the 20s and 50s era and I am very much inspired by it. When I worked at AXIOO as stylist, I began to explore more styles for clients, as well as for my vintage-inspired pre-wedding session with Paulus. I think I found my style then and I started to put on the vintage look daily. I am inspired very much by you and Awie, Fen, who made me who I am today. 

You pull off the vintage look very well. How do you style yourself every day?

Im used to dressing up with vintage inspired dresses and skirts. I wear my own Hellopupu collections almost everyday. Some dresses are vintage, handed down to me by my Mom. As for my make-up, I keep it simple: black-winged eyeliner, red lips and vintage-inspired hairdo.

 We love your HelloPupu fashion line. Where do you find your inspirations?

Thank you! 🙂 My inspirations usually come from old Hollywood movies, old Hollywood movie stars and vintage photos and books. 

Well, there you have it, guys! Powerful inspirations wrapped in a few words from our petite friend. Pupu, we love your designs and your skirts. But most of all, we love your kind heart. Thank you for the friendship… and for the endless inspirations! 

We love you,


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