You are beautiful!
POTTS Fashion Photo Shoot by Fen by felicia
May 2014

Have you ever seen the commercial about Real Beauty campaign? It went viral on YouTube a while ago and its been on my mind since. A few women were asked to describe how they look to a sketch artist. And then they were asked to describe each other. At the end of the video, the sketch artist compared his two works of them. The sketch based on their description of themselves looked nothing like what them in real life. It was uglier and sadder. But the ones based on other peoples description fit them to a tee. 

I think its a womens thing, to see themselves less of what they really are. Its actually not about how we see ourselves or how people sees us (because, lets face it, how they think of us is really none of our business, because we cant control their minds) but its really about knowing who we are. Sometimes we forget who we are, then we lose confidence, and then we see ourselves in this world with the wrong glasses on entirely.   A lot of us go through life failing to see our worth, failing to see what we hold in our hands and failing to be grateful for it. We sometimes forget to acknowledge that we are created beautiful, molded by our Creator with the highest care. We forget to acknowledge that we are the daughters of a King. 

I am guilty of failing to see my worth on bad days. But I guess if I dont like how I see of myself, I can either change it, ignore it or accept it. I choose to accept. 

Much love,


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