Photography : Tying The Knot
Alexis & Aiga
Wedding Trailer Directed by Yosep by Yosep
Apr 2014

Nikah sama orang yang beda itu ribet! or loosely translated as Marrying someone different is complicated! Ive heard this being said often before. And often it came across in my mind as ordinary. But when I really put some thought into it, I cant believe how ridiculous that statement is. We are all unique. So the odds of us marrying someone who is exactly the same as us is most likely non-existent! And besides, the beauty of a relationship lies in the journey of overcoming those differences. Okay, so maybe by different the statement is referring to different nationality, or different culture, or different upbringing. But still, the beauty is still there, in overcoming the differences, big or small.

I watched Alexis and Aiga that day and that statement came across my mind again. But there were nothing complicated about them or their relationship. A couple in love is a couple in love, no matter how each of them were brought up. Sure, with the traditions and all, they both had to tolerate and adjust accordingly. But love – love sees beyond all that, past the different colors of hair or skin, past the language barriers, and sees the person just for who they are. Alexis and Aiga are in love. Two souls from different parts of the world, two hearts with different touch of life, have found a common ground to begin a new life together. Its not complicated. Its beautiful.

Congratulations Alexis and Aiga.



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