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Daddy s little girl
Jeralyn by Fen by felicia
Feb 2014

There is something in the way Jeralyn looks at her Dad, Joshua, that makes my heart immediately turn to mush. Her eyes is filled with adoration for the main man in her life. At the mere sight of him, her face would light up. She would run towards him without hesitation and jump to swing her arms around his neck, confident that he will catch her. What I saw was love. Pure love. She loved him without reservations. She knows nothing else of men. All she knows is her Dad. In her mind, he is awesome. And he is comparable to none. 

It made me think about my own relationship with my Dad. He set the bar so high so that I would eventually fall for someone who really loves and appreciates me, that my tank would always be full, so that I would not be looking for love all in the wrong places. He also loved my mom fiercely and gave me such a positive image of marriage. I have no doubt that until today, I am still his little princess. He doesn’t stop to make me feel good about myself, just because I am a wife and a mother, and I believe that he won’t stop.  

That s the important role a Dad has for his little girl. He is her first hero. And the very first man to ever make her feel like a princess. How he treats her will have a lasting impact on her self image, her self-esteem, her self-worth. She will carry that impression that he gives of her for her whole life and she will build on that very image. It s a scary responsibility when you think about it, but this generation is filled with so many great dads, dads like Joshua. And I believe the next will be filled with even more great women who is strong and beautiful inside out. 



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