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Lanny & Baby Elaine by Fen by felicia
Jan 2014

My Mom is my best friend. And if I had to tell you one thing I loved during my childhood, it would be just that. I love that I do not have to filter anything I say to her; not about how I felt, not about my dreams, not even when I was falling in love. I would gush out my feelings and she would always be ready to lend an ear without passing any judgements. I would tell her about my dreams and my constant affair with art and she would encourage me, instead of asking me how I planned to make a living doing that. I would let her in on the crush I had on a certain boy and she would help to figure out if that was real love or a child s infatuation. Talking to her have always made me feel a whole better, until today.

When I think about it, the best gift my mother has ever given me was this – her open heart and the confidence to trust her with the key to my life. There were never any locked doors between us, everything was wide open. She could come in whenever she wanted and I would never be afraid of her invading anything. It s the openness of our relationship that I treasure most, and one I would like to have with my own child. (Although of course with boys, I can only go so far…) Mom and daughter relationship is always fascinating to me. I think its the emotions found between two women (or a little woman) is an intense one, it can go to either extremes. But when a mom begins with showing love and acceptance, for herself and her daughter, it can only bring both to the more beautiful end. I believe in that.

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