Girly Day
Mom and Baby Jewelry by Fen by felicia
Jan 2014

I have always thought that mother-daughter bonds make the best stories.  

I love to see how daughters grow up wanting to be like her mom, and her mom wanting her baby to grow into someone better than she ever was. It s natural from both sides. A little girl would look at her mom put on her lipstick and she would do the same with the greatest of ease. She would put on her Mom s heels and pretend that she is all grown up, ready to take on the world. And her mom would strive to be a better person, knowing that everything she is, her daughter will be. Their relationship is truly a wonderful thing to watch.

I had the privilege to shoot for two beautiful ladies, a Mom and her little princess. They had matching jewelry, because her girl definitely knows that she wants to be like Mom. 



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