Tonny & Jovita
Golden Wedding Anniversary by Ivan by Ivan
Dec 2013

I had the privilege to attend Mr. and Mrs. Tonny Rachmat s Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration last weekend. They are the parents of our beloved pastor in our home church. And they have been married for 50 years. 50 years! Until today, I still cannot wrap my mind around it. Wow. Just wow.

We are so used to hearing about couples who marry on a whim only to get divorced the next day. We hear about sensational love stories and its even more sensational endings. We see an escalating number of divorces and people entering marriage with an exit strategy already planned out. Marriage in our society has acquired a new meaning, sometimes less sacred than it is supposed to be. That s quite sad actually. Our generation needs to see relationships that are built to last, couples who are in it for the long haul no matter what. We need to be inspired by people who have always kept their eyes on the prize and overcome the hardships of marriage. We need to be witnesses that love does indeed conquer all and that choosing love will never fail you.

I saw all that in Om Tonny and Tante Jovita Rachmat that night. As some guests stood to testify of how their relationship has strengthened theirs, how they have set a high standard for every couple on faithfulness and sacrifice, I saw how everyone was blessed and inspired. I watched how Tante Jovita still looked at her husband with the same adoring look I saw on their black and white pictures. And I saw Om Tonny held her hand. And at that very moment, I saw what romance was really all about. It is not about seeing Romeo and Juliet end their lives together. It is about this… Grandpa and Grandma growing old together, still holding hands.

Om Tonny and Tante Jovita, you are such an inspiration. And we are just blessed to be a witness of your love for each other. Congratulations again!



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