A Day in the Life of Castella Natalia
The Art of Ink by AXIOO
Dec 2013

In our profession, we work together with a lot of different people with different expertise for every single project we do. Whether it be in a wedding shoot, pre-wedding shoot, printing, framing, etc. We depend on each other’s expertise to create something extraordinary, from putting together a spectacular event, to making a great product. It is never a one man show, there’s always different individuals, or as I would like to call ‘artists’, dedicating ourselves to a common goal, to make something extraordinary.

For that reason, we would like to start recognizing some of these extraordinary artists and feature them in our blog. We use the term ‘artist’ in a very broad sense, for example an individual who is either very good in what they are doing, a talented individual, or someone who has put a creative and innovative touch to their professions. We’d be featuring people from all walks of life, people who are well known in their industry, or even someone who has just starting out. Hopefully we’ll be able to feature a nice variety of artist talents here in our blog once every month.

The very first artist we are honored to feature is a young extraordinary talent from the city Bandung. She is a painter, tattoo artist and she has her own product line of hand painted customized pillows, her name is Castella Natalia [@castellanatalia]. We first heard of her from a toy collector group called the Brotherhood of Toys (BOTS) and saw her work in a toy convention in Jakarta. We found out that Castella owns a workshop/ studio in Bandung and so we decided to send one of our director Jimmy Indra to drive to Bandung to pay her a little visit in her studio.

As you watch this short introduction video by Jimmy, you’ll get a glimpse of who Castella Natalia is, as well as some of her works. To get more detailed information about her, you can go to Enjoy the clip guys!

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