Draw Your Life
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Nov 2013

It started with a pillow talk I had with David over a random topic. If you could go back in time and relive your teenage years, what would you do differently?

That simple question made me pause for a moment, before saying: Japan! I have always been a Japan enthusiastic teenager. Always fascinated by Japanese stationaries and packaging. Always have been a fan of Japanese books and animes. Ever since I went on that first trip to Tokyo and Osaka with my parents, Japan has always been on my mind. I remember when I was in high school, I wanted to finally make my Japan dream come true. I was in love with pottery as well at that time and thought, why couldn t my two loves collide? So I made it happen. I searched high and low for a university best to major pottery in Japan, and there it was, the art school Okayama, Japan. I spent months and months afterward trying to convince my parents to let me go there. They finally did, and there I was… living out my dream with the two loves of my life. Pottery in Japan.

You d think I would live happily ever after, right? Sadly, I gave up too quickly. Now that I think about it, it would have been awesome if I had carried it through. Stay in Japan. Master pottery. Learn to speak Japanese. I refuse to believe that life is full of regrets, because it really depends on your views on the subject. But if I could have a do-over, this is the one I would do.

We long so much to be grown ups who have it all. And we underestimate our teenage years. But take it from someone who has been through it all. Your teenage years are not to be taken lightly. Your idealistic dreams and brilliant ideas during those precious years should never be buried deep and washed away by realistic views and pessimistic thoughts. They should be put together, drawn on a piece of paper – the blueprint of your life, of what you want to be.

Dig deep, find your passion, your childhood dreams. Put it down on a piece of paper. Stare at it long enough for it to be the purpose of your life. Make your ideas happen. Live your dream.

Draw your life.


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