Stripe Inspired
Axioo Packaging by David Soong
Nov 2013

We are huge fans of personalized things here at AXIOO. We are strong believers that weddings, engagements, and every other love-related moments are as personal as it gets. And we believe that when these moments are captured, they need to be wrapped beautifully to include details most significant to them. We encourage every one in our team to get to know their clients and we challenge them to create things out-of-the-box especially for them. We challenge our designers to make something that not only lasts, but is functional, and is more importantly, something the couple would want to visit every day. Our clients have worked so hard to decorate their wedding with their personal touches, it s only natural if their photo albums do too.

Take a look at this album of wedding pictures. It s a carnival theme of Revano and Stephanie s wedding. If you ve seen their pre-wedding session by Paulus, you would know where the red, white, black and blue touches come from. In it you can also find their dog, their sources of inspiration… details that retell the story of the most important day in their lives. As should a pre-wedding be more than just a set of pretty pictures. The album of Yocky and Theresia has carried the session concept into the pages that fill their pre-wedding album. Let s give a huge round of applause to our designers, because they truly outdone themselves this time.

It s these things that we love to create. At the end of the day, nothing matters more than a simple sentence of sweet words from a satisfied client. That s what drives us to become better every day.



Photographers : Andry Sander, Paulus Hyu

Designers : Michelle Gouw, Cenny Ng

Editors : Isac, Emma, Felice

Product Photo : William Liwandouw, Alvin PJ, Winson

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