Photography : Tying The Knot
Kevin & Samantha
The Wedding by David by David Soong
Nov 2013

Kevin and Samantha were joined as one in a memorable wedding ceremony, in a venue perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The weather was lovely, the sky was perfect, the place was beautifully decorated, and it was all in all a wonderful day to get married. Congratulations Kevin and Samantha. May your days always be filled with love.

If I had to name one single thing I remember most about this event, it would be what Samantha said on the morning of her wedding. “It’s my wedding and this is just what I wanted. To be relaxed. That’s why the organizers are here!” and then she stood outside of her room and breathed in the cool Bali air.

I’ve noticed that couples tend to forget that sometimes. In the midst of the excitement, the adrenaline rush, and the inevitable heart-pumping, cold-feet seconds, they forget to shift their focus into the joys of celebrating, to the very reason why they are standing there in the first place. It’s easy for them to gather their efforts into pleasing their families and friends that they miss to recognize that those families and friends are there for them. To witness their union. To show their support. To share in their joys. In midst of that celebration, couples easily forget that it is all about them. I say, Samantha is right. Couples should be relaxed and shift their focus into taking in each and every moment on the single most important day of their lives. A wedding should not be stressful, because at the end of the day, if you’re married to the person you love, you would have had the perfect wedding!

While we’re on the subject of leaving things to organizers, do you have any memorable experiences with the organizers of your choice? Share your story here. We’d love to hear about it! (And I’m sure couple who are planning their weddings would love to read about it too!)



Wedding Venue: Alila Uluwatu

Samantha’s Make Up is by Susi KLEO

Wedding Organizers: Michelle & Dominique

Flowers & Decorations: Friend & Friends

MC: Yosi Mokalu from Project Pop

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