Photography : Tying The Knot
Anthony & Jessica
Wedding Trailer by Dimar by Dimar
Nov 2013

You know the images that run through your mind when you hear the word “fairy tale”? Those images went out of my imagination and came before my eyes as I stepped into Anthony and Jessica’s wedding reception in Jakarta some time ago. The delicate details, the romantic colors, the elegance… fairy tale was indeed everything I had imagined it to be and more. Every part of their wedding reception in Jakarta was perfect. It was filled with such beauty and sophistication that before that day I had only imagined. But it was in Bali, a week before that day, as they were joined forever as one in Holy Matrimony, was the feeling of love and supreme happiness apparent in their eyes.

Jessica looked stunning. And Anthony looked at her with adoring eyes. Their gazes met and there it was, the unmistakable look of love. That’s the look we long to capture. Because in it, lies the promise of a lifetime, the promise of forever. No matter what they will be going through in the next fifty years of their journey together, even the distant memory of that look can set off the tingling feeling they felt a few days ago as they said their “I do”.

In this clip, we’ve frozen that look in time for Anthony and Jessica to revisit any time they wish on the course of their journey to forever. Along with that look, we also included the powerful sermon dedicated for them on the day, to remind them to make the decision to “love the one you marry” every single day.

Anthony and Jessica, this is for you. Congratulations again and may your journey be forever sweet.


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