Dog Couture
Dominique Nadine D'Couture by Fen by felicia
Nov 2013

We don t have to tell you how much we love the four-legged furry friend here at AXIOO, because I m sure you ve noticed our team mascots. We love dogs so much! That s why I don t have to tell you how excited I was to include a furry friend in this session with Nadine. She s a fashion designer, and a brilliant one at that but you can probably tell from the dresses we ve handpicked for the various scenes. Nothing shouts out glamour, elegance and sophistication more! However, the most impressive part of her designs is, in my personal opinion, the special line that she s made especially for our four-legged furry friends. That s right, she s got a whole line dedicated to canine fashion, or Dog Couture as she calls it.

There is no reason that our dogs cannot be properly dressed to take part in our special events, or be well dressed for their own celebrations. And now we know where to go if we re looking for it. Please feel free to browse on over to for her fabulous Dog Couture line.



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