Photography : She Said Yes
Timeless Romance
Joe & Yelena by David by David Soong
Oct 2013

Timeless romance, that s not the first I ve heard of it. But I have often wondered what timeless romance actually looks like. Does it bask in the glowing lights of pride and glory? Or is it tattered and torn from being tried and tested the ultimate look of survival? Is it warm with forgiveness? Elegant because of the grace it has repeatedly given and received? I have no specific definition of this phrase, but somehow, I know it when I see it. To me, timeless romance is one that has withstood the test of time. It is filled with elegance that radiates through their every being, knowing that it is by grace that they are still standing there today. It wears a classic look, filled with stories, and strengthened by the experiences that got them there. Timeless romance is one that is captured on film or in their memories, frozen in time, to be carried through the many seasons. A picture that is a reflection of real love and not some made up passion. It is more than just a pretty look in a beautifully captured frame. It is richer in stories, in feelings, in life.

I had this thought when we set out to create a series of elegant and romantic shots in black and white for Joe and Yelena who love the classics. As a photographer, there is really nothing more enjoyable than to capture real love stories on film, to freeze feelings and moments, to create art that can be revisited at any given time along their journey.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots of Joe and Yelena.



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