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Expressions of Love
Endy & Michelle by Adi by Adi
Oct 2013

A friend of mine had their prewedding photo shot in a room of striped floor and striped wall. They systematically decorated the room with umbrellas, then acted like two robots holding hands in the middle of the crazy geometry. There’s another friend who created an impressively detailed pop-up book of her and her fiance’s love story, then had it photographed professionally, as their prewedding pictures.

Mine, was mainly shot at a garden, colored by the flower bushes on the background, my fiancee had asked our photographers to take a shot in front of every flower bush she set her eyes on. I just followed along and I remember being impressed by how wonderfully patient our photographers were, while my fiance kept telling me to smile more elegantly instead of looking like a chipmunks whenever we were cued to show affection.

When I was still in school, I thought the ability of shooting wedding and pre-wedding would come in one package. Now that I am older and slightly wiser, I know by heart that the answer is no. Shooting a wedding day requires intense focus on moments and emotion. The day was prepared by many people for many months, and it’s important for the photographer to document as many elements as possible.

Pre-wedding session is different. It’s more about visualizing how the client wants to express themselves as a couple. Some want to express the romance they share, some wants elegance. Some want to show the decent dose of cheerfulness they’re having together, and some wants to dance in the land of Oz. My friend I mentioned in the first place wanted to say that they were the odds against the world. And in my case, I think by that time my fiance wanted to say that we were a kind of couple who looked good between flower bushes.

For me, this is where the fun is in the challenge. Digging what the couples are dreaming of, while merging it with my own style and yet maintaining enjoyable result for both the couples and me.

Can you guess how Michelle and Endy wants to express themselves as a couple? The experience of shooting their pre-wedding was a lot of fun already as they are really nice people. I am pleased to share you their pre-wedding series.



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