Axel's diary on Aquarium in Singapore by felicia
Oct 2013

Have you ever found yourself thinking and whispering to yourself I wish time stood still when you re doing something you really love? I have found myself doing this quite a lot lately. And often, it is when I am shooting. It s true what they say time flies by when you re having fun. Time really flies by when you re happy.

There have been many teachings and opinions surrounding the topics of happiness and being happy. We associate happiness with reaching our goals, checking things off our long to-do lists, and making our dreams come true. Then we d be happy. But really, where does it end? When will we get there? Some might say that happiness will come when they re famous, or insanely wealthy, or when they ll be able to afford anything and everything on the face of this earth, or to become someone they can be proud of. There are many possibilities to cross off before they could be happy when really happiness is a choice on its own and the best for us to become is to be happy.

I know that it s not the easiest choice to make in life with all the many uphill and downhill of our lives. But I for one can attest to the importance of knowing what makes you happy the things that make you content and satisfied. And that it s best to learn earlier in life. This is why as parents, David and I often talk about what the future holds for our son, Axel. We weave so many dreams for him like what he s going to be when he grows up, or what kind of girls he d find attractive, what talents he d want to develop, etc. We dream a lot of dreams for him, but deep inside all we want for him is to be happy.

I have been privileged to grow up with parents who never pushed their dreams on me and I will be eternally grateful that they have encouraged me to explore the things that would make me happy. I was enrolled to many classes, from ballet to karate, swimming, piano lessons, even photography, just to let me discover where my talents lie. I remember them giving me my very first camera when I was five or six. They took me to a zoo and assigned a task for me to tell a story of my experience through photography. We got the pictures printed and made a scrapbook of all the trips we took together ever since. I loved doing that. I felt like I was in my zone. Time flew by and I was happy. And as you can probably tell, that kind of stuck me through high school until today.

I ve learned that as parents, we just have to keep feeding our children with many activities and to keep our eyes open for what they are good at and challenge them to keep sharpening it, so that they will understand that happiness is the journey not a destination , so that they learn the meaning of being happy from early on.

In this blog post, I want to share with you a few of Axel s snapshots of our visit to The Aquarium Singapore. It melts my heart a little to see my love for the art of photography rub off on him and I am amazed at how things look from his eyes. He told me, This is easier than doing my homework. Can we switch, Mommy?



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