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To Love and to Cherish
Johan & Trishia by David by David Soong
Sep 2013

Hi everyone!

It s been a while since our last post. We ve been doing some work on our website and so please excuse our absence and sporadic postings these past few weeks. But we re back and so please do visit our and leave comments on what you think of its new look.

I d like to share with you some pictures of Johan and Trishia, of their pre-wedding session in Istanbul and Santorini. As a city, Istanbul is stunning. It holds so many historical treasures, amazing palaces right in the city, remnants of the Ottoman empire. As a photographer, I recommend shooting in Istanbul as it offers so many exciting places for us to shoot. And as a permanent tourist, I recommend visiting this city that is vibrant by day and festive by night. The Spice Market, the stunning Mosques, Bosphurus Strait and the delicious selection of seafood are only a few reasons that will keep me coming back for more.

Beautiful has acquired a brand new definition on the most picture perfect island of Santorini. With its Cobalt-blue lagoons, brick red sand and dove white buildings, Santorini looks like a talented artist s painting of perfection. We strolled along the white sandy beaches, breathing in the cool air from a patio and ended the day accompanied by one of the most beautiful sunsets I ve ever seen. It was not my first time there, and the memorable adventure we had there including the stay at one of the best hotels on the island, Katikies Hotel would be one I would like to repeat again.

For most of us, these would be just another set of pretty pictures. But for me, they are memories. I wish I could take you behind the scenes, to the adventure I had capturing these images of Johan and Trishia, to the thrill of retrieving permit to shoot in these places, of dashing to the airport and of almost missing our flight. It was an adventure too meaningful for words. This couple is one I hold dear to my heart. Their story brings hope for love. They didn t fall in love at first sight. They didn t have the smoothest beginning. Nor did they have the steadiest of relationships. They were on again and off again, until one day they decided to be on again for the rest of their lives. They learned to dance to each other s rhythms and learned each others moves. And now when I look at them, I cannot imagine them being with anyone else other than each other. They are one of the sweetest couple I ve ever seen who deeply enjoys being in each other s company. I guess, relationships are like that nothing good ever really comes off that easily or instantly. It takes some honest effort, but it will pay off.

Johan and Trishia were finally married last Saturday. You can have a look at their engagement video and Bali Wedding video in the previous posts of this blog. Also, be sure to check out Jimmy Indra s work of them in Istanbul and Santorini (sometime in the upcoming weeks). We went tandem for this session and had a lot of fun doing it. (We really should shoot together more often, Jimmy!)



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