Photography : Tying The Knot
Randy & Livia
Same Day Edit by Dimar by Dimar
Sep 2013

I love stories. I love hearing about how a couple met and how they fell in love. About what caught his eye and what opened her heart. About when his heart skipped a beat and when her stomach fluttered. About how they know that they were meant to spend the rest of their lives making each other happy and about their courage to make a lifelong promise of always being there. There are a lot of inspiration to be found if we take the time to listen to their stories, to dig a little deeper. For me, stories are the starting point, the centerpiece, and the details that make a video worth treasuring for a lifetime.

When I first met Randy during meeting, I knew from then on that we were going to produce something different. Very often I work with couples who know exactly what they want, and I love that. It makes the concept process more exciting. Randy shared about his ideas and how he imagined the video would be like in the end. So we put on our thinking caps and got to work. We loved it.

I especially love the look in Randy’s eyes as he set gaze on his beautiful bride. It is filled with awe and adoration, as if he’s never looked at anyone as lovely as she in his life. That kind of look is worth exploring. Their story must be told. To Randy and Livia, here is to your happy ever after and to spending the rest of your lives making each other deliriously happy.


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