Photography : She Said Yes
From Kuching with Love
Roland & Jia Yang by Jan by AXIOO
Jun 2013

This was my very first trip to Kuching (and a first for any of the AXIOO photographers, so yeah!). When I first heard I would be shooting in Kuching, I wondered what was there to find there. But now if I hear Kuching, three things immediately come to mind: Kolo Mee, dog lover, heritage. Let me tell you why.

First, Kolo Mee. When I first arrived in Kuching, I was met by this super friendly couple, Roland and Jia Yang. They took me for breakfast of some local delicacies, Kolo Mee. It was so good we ended up having it every day for breakfast for the four days we were there. So good.

Second, dog lover. Jia Yang is such a caring person and it didn t come as a surprise to me when she told me that she is a volunteer for the local animal rescue. She helps to take care of stray dogs and prepare them for adoption. Isn t that the sweetest thing?

Third, heritage. Kuching is a small city filled with old buildings that have been refurbished and turned into places of business. Roland and Jia Yang really love their hometown and so they wanted to include the dearest places closest to their hearts into their prewedding portraits. We shot at old buildings, in front of a Buddhist temple, small local restaurants, Roland s old school places that seemed frivolous but turned to be beautiful with the couple s glow in front of it.

Needless to say, it was a memorable experience. Thank you, Roland and Jia Yang, for your hospitality and your friendship. Have a fabulous wedding and a beautiful journey as husband and wife!



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