Photography : She Said Yes
Love Adventure in Japan
Roy & Florencia by Dre | Written by Flo by Dre
Jun 2013

A good portrait is 99% expression. I saw that quote somewhere on Dre s instagram and I could not agree more.
How do you meet your partner? Is it in a romantic way or in a funny way? My love story is definitely a funny one. Roy s sister was my best friend during my senior high school. We lost contact for nearly three years. It has never crossed my mind that I will marry her brother someday and become sisters-in-love. His parents also used to visit my parents back in the old days and have no idea that one day they will all become family. Fate has definitely brought us together, in the most unexpected way.
Not all couples are comfortable with being photographed. There are some couples that tend to get stiff. I think Roy and I are not the most photogenic couple. We do feel afraid to be photographed. However, this photographer of ours, Andry Sander a.k.a DRE, is really an outgoing and friendly guy. At first, I felt a bit awkward, but less than 2 hours with him, that wall was all broken.

We had a ROFLMAO moment when he tried using his iphone app to translate what a Japanese gentleman is trying to say to us. In short, the translation came sounding dirty and quite kinky!  He was also so on fire with the shoot that he was still talking about photography even in his sleep! It was hilarious!
There are friends and there are families. There are also friends that are like a family. I went to Osaka with Roy and his sister as my make up artist, and we met Dre there. Dre and us didn’t start off as friends, but the funny thing is, we become like a family during our short time together. We are so blessed to have him as our photographer and he comes highly recommended in our book.

with love,

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