Photography : She Said Yes
The Superhero in You
Samuel & Vania by Dre by Dre
Jun 2013

Some ideas or concepts are so unconventional that at times i need to patiently wait for the right (and usually crazy) couple to come along. I have been brewing this idea in my head for a few years. It is a concept birthed out from my belief that everyone can be and should be a modern day superhero. Concepts like this take meticulous preparation, are props heavy and most importantly, require complete trust and teamwork between photographer and clients because we are trying to achieve something that has never ever been done before. We were vying for something epic!

Along came Sam and Vania, a couple who happens to be my church and cellgroup buddies in Bandung. They are as unique as they are eccentric. They wanted to do a prewed session which tells a story of their dating days – they first met each other in a shoe store, they love going to the gym and fine culinary, their first kiss in a car, their memorable trip to Belitung island etc.

I challenged them that we should tell the story but with an interesting twist. What if they were superheroes? I expanded this concept further into two parts. The first part is to answer the question what superheroes would do with their superpowers in daily activities. Exercising in the gym is now literally a fly, dining portions are supersized and all superheroes surely need some hot wheels! The second part is the exact opposite and answers the question what superheroes might do after a tiring day of crime fighting and saving the world. They would probably go do something very mundane like shopping for a new pair of boots or enjoying local street food late in the wee hours. This is definitely one of my most challenging shoots and also one of the most rewarding! We all had so much fun shooting in Bandung and Belitung.

I truly believe that inside everyone lives a superhero. We may not have super powers but that does not mean that we cannot stand up for what is right, to fight against evil, to be a great example and a positive influence in our community, to keep peace on Earth…

Because minus the funny costumes and super powers, superheroes are still superheroes because they possess a noble cause and fight feverishly for what is good. Knowing Sam and Vania on a personal level, i think they are definitely the modern day superheroes! All of us can be one too!


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