Photography : Tying The Knot
Clement & Ursula
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Jun 2013

Bali weddings are becoming a fast trend around these parts. I can understand why. I love the intimacy that destination weddings offer, a personal affair filled with snug emotions and love so thick you can slice it with a knife (well, a knife with pretty ribbons, that is). On top of it, the magical skies of paradise makes it an even more glorious event

I had the privilege to document Clement and Ursula s wedding day. We had the beautiful venue with a breathtaking view, a wonderful weather. They said their vows in the warmth of their family and friends. His words became meaningful. Her eyes became the window to her soul. And as she accepted his lifelong promise to forever care for her, to love her, and to cherish her well, that was just a vision to remember.

So, that day, when the pink balloons glided across the beautiful Bali sky, they remained two persons, but now with only one life ahead of them. Congratulations Clement and Ursula!
Here is a sneak peak of their love affair that day.


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