Photography : She Said Yes
Puppy Love
Hansen & Nina by David by David Soong
Jun 2013

They say that a dog is a man s best friend. Being a dog person myself, it is easy for me to see the truth in this. My wife and I adore dogs so much that we made our Woofy and Oreo (may he rest in peace) the mascot of AXIOO. Although not every dog is friendly by nature, we often hear stories about dogs. Inspiring stories surrounding rescue from fire or reunions. Dogs have been long used as a seeing-eye for the visually impaired and are now used in therapy for Alzheimer s disease and in clinical settings as comfort for the terminally ill. Scientifically, dogs do help us.

Our Woofy has taught us a thing or two about life. Loyalty is one of the most important. Respect is another. She taught us to love extravagantly, care deeply, forgive quickly and live simply. We provide her with food and we put a roof over her head, in return her gratitude is displayed by a fierce and matchless loyalty to our family. I imagine if people can love each other the way she loves us, the world can easily be heaven.

So you see, we love dogs. And when we meet couples who love dogs as strongly as we do, well needless to say, we get inspired faster than you can say go! Since, Hansen and Nina share our love for our four-legged friends, we had many impromptu takes which includes some of those adorable fur balls. In Japan, we had the privilege to get a few scenes with an anonymous cutie that was passing by. He was just too cute too miss so we just asked his owner if we could borrow him for a while. During the Jakarta shoot, we got their very own Chevas to make an appearance. That little darling could hold a hot dog with her hands! She just captured our hearts so much we had to include her.

Hope you enjoy these few favorite shots we have of Hansen and Nina.



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