Photography : Tying The Knot
Andrew & Bora
The Wedding by Adi by Adi
Apr 2013

When you just got into a relationship, for say, 3 months, imagine all the places you would go to with your new love. Some might say Paris, Prague, or maybe Caribbean, or all those romantic places where you could stop time and just focus on the fiery chemistry you and your loved one just lit up.

Andrew and Bora have a different story. In their early months of relationship, Bora impulsively said, “why not,” when Andrew planned a trip to hike Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, regardless the fact she was a city girl that didn’t really hike as a hobby. They joyfully packed their suitcase with new outfits that would look great on photos. Little did they know it turned out to be a sweaty and super tiring trip without bathing for 5 days straight. People normally get cranky and sensitive when they are not used to be exposed to situation like this. But Andrew and Bora were actually just fine. They went through the entire trip without a single fight. They enjoyed it so much that it was a lovely trip for them. Things were just falling to its place so easily. That confirmed them that they were just right for each others.

On the other extreme, they were once also having a holiday in an isolated island in Maldives where there were only the resort and the beach. They spent the entire week hanging out in the island without feeling a slight bit of boredom. They enjoyed sharing every detail together, and cherish every moment in tender, sincere love.

The glow on Bora’s face when she was telling me this story made me happy. The way Andrew and Bora looked at each others on their wedding day made my job easier. The delightful energy they passed to all the guests, resulted these series of photos that I am so excited to share with you all.


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